Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan: Easy Can Light Conversion Guide

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If you’re looking to enhance your ceiling fan’s functionality and aesthetics, upgrading its lighting is a great way to achieve both. By converting the existing can lights into LED Ceiling Lights, you’ll enjoy improved energy efficiency, brighter illumination, and modern styling that complements your space.

In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through the process of converting your ceiling fan’s can lights into LED Ceiling Lights. We’ll cover everything from choosing the right LED inbouwspot for your needs to installing it correctly on your ceiling fan. Let’s get started!

Why Convert Can Lights into LED Ceiling Lights?

Before diving into the conversion process, let’s first understand why you might want to upgrade from can lights to LED Ceiling Lights on your ceiling fan.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency: One of the primary benefits of using LED Ceiling Lights over traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs is that they consume significantly less electricity while producing more light output. This means that upgrading to LED spots will result in lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

  2. Brighter Illumination: Another advantage of using LED spots is that they produce a bright and focused light beam that illuminates a specific area effectively. This type of lighting creates an inviting atmosphere while also providing enough visibility for daily activities.

  3. Contemporary Styling: Lastly, retrofitting old-fashioned can lights with contemporary-looking recessed spots enhances not only function but also appearance when installed properly. The sleek design blends seamlessly with any decor style like modern minimalist designs or country-style living rooms.

Selecting The Right Inbouwspot For Your Ceiling Fan

Now that we’ve reviewed some reasons why switching over from traditional bulbs to LEDs makes sense let take a look at how best one should select their ideal candidate:

1) Determine bulb specs – This is an essential factor when selecting the right LED inbouwspot for your ceiling fan. Check if you’re looking for a dimmable bulb or one that stays at a fixed level; this should be based on your preference, lighting needs and setting.

2) Choose the color temperature – The Kelvin range (warm white 2700K to cool daylight 6000K) plays a big role in creating ambience and mood. When choosing LED bulbs, go for ones with warmer colors like soft white bulbs (3000k – 3500k) when illuminating living rooms, bedrooms or dining areas as it promotes relaxation while still giving enough visibility.

3) Consider Lumen Output- Lumens are used to measure light output, so choose the appropriate amount of lumens depending on where you’ll use them. For example, bathrooms or kitchens might need more lumens than bedrooms since they require higher levels of brightness.

4) Look out for energy efficiency – Make sure that the chosen converted LED inbouwspot meets your energy requirements without compromising lighting quality.

Installation Process

Once you’ve selected your preferred LED Ceiling Lights type and configuration let’s now move onto retrofitting can lights into them:

  1. Turn off power supply: Before commencing any electrical work ensure to first turn off all power sources by either switching off circuit breakers or removing fuses.

  2. Remove the Can Lights and Trim Rings: Start by turning counter-clockwise to remove the trim rings covering over each can light then unscrew each fixture from their housing cans until removed entirely.

  3. Wire New Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixture: After removing fixtures we need now connect wiring harnesses from led spots fitting into your ceiling fan directly unless there are pre-existing wires already installed in which case connect those according to instructions provided with product packaging.

  4. Install Recessed Spotlights Into Housing Cans: Finally secure new light fittings into previously installed housing cans by fitting them into correct sized holes and twisting clockwise to secure. Ensure that LED Ceiling Lights are flush with the ceiling surface once securely installed.

  5. Test Installed Lights: Once installation is complete turn power supply back on, test each spotlight for functionality, adjust if needed while enjoying your new energy efficient lighting upgrade!


In summary, converting your can lights to LED Ceiling Lights is a great way to improve your ceiling fan’s functionality and appearance while also achieving improved energy efficiency. By selecting the right LED inbouwspot for your needs and following the simple installation steps outlined above, you can easily upgrade any ceiling fan with integrated can lights.

Remember safety first during electrical work: always switch off electricity before commencing any installations! Enjoy an enhanced lighting experience now available without compromising style or budget.


What is a can light conversion kit?
A can light conversion kit or a recessed lighting conversion kit allows you to convert your outdated recessed lights into a more modern, stylish ceiling fan that adds both function and style to any room.

How do I install a ceiling fan in place of my old recessed can light fixture?
To install a ceiling fan where your current can light resides, you will need to purchase and install a retrofit mounting plate first. After that, it should be easy enough to attach the bracket and downrod of your new ceiling fan into place.

Do I need an electrician to complete this project?
While some homeowners may feel comfortable completing this installation on their own, it’s essential always to practice safety when working with electrical wires, so if you’re unsure about how things work or just want extra peace of mind, consider hiring an electrician instead who knows what they’re doing – better safe than sorry!