Top Commercial Downlight Suppliers

Commercial downlights remain an essential component of interior lighting design in retail stores, offices, hospitals, schools, and other commercial buildings. As energy-efficiency standards continue advancing in 2024, LED technology has become the dominant light source among the top suppliers in this market.

This article provides an overview of the 10 leading commercial downlight manufacturers in 2024 based on estimated market share, sales revenue, and reputation for product quality and innovation. For each supplier profiled, relevant company background, establishment date, headquarters location, main website, and some of their newest and most popular commercial downlight product lines are highlighted.

Top 10 Commercial Downlight Suppliers

1. Acuity Brands

Establishment: 2001

Headquarters: Georgia, United States


Acuity Brands is a market leader in commercial lighting, controls, and building management solutions. Their extensive downlight portfolio spans recessed, surface-mount, linear, track, and accent fixtures with the latest energy-efficient LEDs and smart controls. Popular series include the D-Series adjustable gimbal downlights, Lithonia Lighting Wafer LEDs, Peerless direct/indirect pendants, and Mark Architectural Lighting cylinders.

2. Cree Lighting

Establishment: 1987

Headquarters: Wisconsin, United States


Cree Lighting delivers high-performing indoor and outdoor LED lighting, with a focus on fixture flexibility, controllability, and cost-effectiveness. As part of Ideal Industries, Cree aims to set new standards in lighting quality and lifecycle value. Featured downlights include the AllSpace 4-inch gimbal series, KBL 4- to 6-inch adjustable cans, CRT 4- to 6-inch cylinders, and URB urban area lights.

3. ELCO Lighting

Establishment: Unknown

Headquarters: California, United States


ELCO Lighting provides lighting solutions for commercial, healthcare, education, and hospitality applications. They are known for their high-quality, cost-effective luminaires including downlights, track lighting, undercabinets, step lights, and exit signs. Top-selling downlight collections consist of the Vision III adjustable gimbals and Radia series of recessed LED lighting.

4. General Electric

Establishment: 1892

Headquarters: Boston, United States


As one of the earliest innovators in lighting, GE offers LED products for indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. Their downlight offerings span recessed, surface-mount, and track-mounted fixtures including the Infusion adjustable downlights with 80+ CRI, Current powered by GE Direct/Indirect pendants, and Tetra PowerStrips for retail display lighting.

5. Hubbell Lighting

Establishment: 1963

Headquarters: Connecticut, United States


Hubbell Lighting is a leading international manufacturer of lighting and controls across commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. With a focus on flexibility, their recessed downlights span adjustable Alera gimbals, wall-wash Axcent accent lights, ultra-shallow Blade LEDs, and Progress cylindrical downlights.

6. Juno Lighting

Establishment: 1930

Headquarters: Illinois, United States


Juno Lighting, a division of Acuity Brands, produces affordable, quality luminaires including downlights, track fixtures, cylinders, and LED retrofit kits. Featured downlight series consist of the Contractor Select new construction and remodel housings, Smart Wafer adjustable gimbals, Aculux accent lighting, and Chloride vandal-resistant LEDs.

7. Kichler Lighting

Establishment: 1938

Headquarters: Ohio, United States


Kichler Lighting delivers stylish indoor and outdoor lighting across commercial and residential spaces. While better known for decorative fixtures, their commercial portfolio includes the Structure high-performance LED downlights and Perspective series of recessed wall wash lights. Products come with a 5-year warranty.

8. Lithonia Lighting

Establishment: 1945

Headquarters: Georgia, United States


Lithonia Lighting delivers innovative indoor and outdoor luminaires including downlights, cylinders, track heads, troffers, panels, and more. They specialize in affordable, energy-efficient LED lighting for commercial and industrial spaces. Popular downlights include the TekDek shallow plenum series, KF adjustable gimbals, OneUp canless retrofit kits, and WF wafer modules.

9. MaxLite

Establishment: 2003

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States


MaxLite aims to provide the most energy-efficient luminaires without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. Their extensive catalog includes LED downlights, panels, high/low bays, canopy lights, troffers, retrofit kits, and more. Featured downlights consist of the Platinum adjustable gimbals, Orbit series of recessed LED lighting, and ultra-shallow FlatMax fixtures.

10. Nora Lighting

Establishment: 1989

Headquarters: California, United States


Nora Lighting manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting for commercial and residential applications. They offer one of the largest catalogs of downlights spanning recessed, surface-mount, track-mounted, linear, and cylinder fixtures. Top downlight collections include the Iolite, FLIN, and Onyx series of adjustable gimbals along with Opal surface-mounted LEDs.

Evaluating Top Downlight Suppliers in 2024

With lighting technology and energy-efficiency standards continuously evolving, there are several key factors buyers should evaluate when selecting downlight suppliers for 2024 commercial projects, including:

  • Product Breadth: Offering diverse downlight types and form factors for varied applications.
  • Adjustability: Gimbal/tiltable designs allowing easy re-aiming without removing the fixture.
  • Smart Options: Integrated sensor compatibility and connected lighting control.
  • Tunable White: Adjustable color temperature to customize ambiance.
  • High Color Quality: CRI/R9 values of 90+ replicate natural light.
  • Warranties: 5- to 10-year fixture warranties to ensure long-term reliability.
  • Recent Innovations: Companies actively developing new solutions to meet advancing standards and codes.

In addition, sourcing downlights certified under DLC Premium or UL/ETL Damp Location guidelines can help ensure the fixtures meet current benchmarks for safety, performance and energy efficiency.

Market Outlook in 2024

The global commercial downlight market is projected to reach $38.6 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 8.6% over the forecast period. Key factors propelling adoption include declining LED prices, rising energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and stringent efficiency regulations worldwide.

To align with these trends, the leading downlight suppliers highlighted here are actively expanding smart lighting integration, developing tunable white and full color-mixing fixtures, and aiming to surpass 80+ CRI quality thresholds to deliver richer, vibrant, and healthier lighting experiences.


This overview of the top 10 commercial downlight manufacturers in 2024 provides a snapshot of the major players leading innovation in this essential category of interior lighting. As highlighted in the supplier profiles, companies like Acuity Brands, Cree Lighting, ELCO, GE, Hubbell, Juno, Lithonia, MaxLite and Nora offer extensive portfolios catering to nearly any commercial downlight application.

With advanced LEDs and controls now setting new standards in energy savings, optical performance, adjustability and quality, buyers have more options than ever in selecting durable and sustainable downlight fixtures. Considering these latest solution offerings and trends can ensure commercial projects employ lighting that maximizes value across lifecycle costs, environmental impact, and occupant experience.

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