Top COB LED Downlight Suppliers and Manufacturers

Chip-on-board (COB) LED downlights have become a highly popular lighting choice for both commercial and residential settings over the last few years. Compared to traditional downlight options, COB LEDs offer superior brightness, energy efficiency, and longevity.

As the demand for these innovative lighting solutions continues rising globally, numerous companies have established themselves as leading COB LED downlight suppliers and manufacturers. This article will provide an updated overview of the top players in this industry as we enter 2024.

What is a COB LED Downlight?

Before exploring the key manufacturers, let’s briefly examine what defines a COB LED downlight. As the name suggests, these downlights utilize chip-on-board LED technology where multiple LED chips are mounted directly onto a substrate in a panel formation.

This compact arrangement allows for:

  • Higher lighting intensity concentrated in a small area
  • Excellent uniformity in illumination
  • Simple circuit design with only two contacts

The result is a versatile downlight solution that produces soft and glare-free lighting, making it suitable for ambient, accent, or task lighting in diverse environments. Now let’s look at five of the most renowned COB LED downlight suppliers operating today.

Top 5 COB LED Downlight Manufacturers

1. KLM Lighting

Location: China

Founded in 2008, KLM Lighting has grown into an industry-leading manufacturer of LED lighting products including downlights, spotlights and panel lights.

Their COB LED downlights stand out for:

  • High-quality aluminum housing materials
  • Advanced dimming capabilities
  • Diverse product specifications to suit different applications

2. Vertex Lighting

Location: China

As a dedicated COB LED downlight provider since 2009, Vertex Lighting continuously invests in R&D to release innovative and aesthetically pleasing products to the market.

Some notable qualities of their offerings include:

  • Emphasis on functionality and contemporary designs
  • Commitment to soft and uniform lighting
  • Comprehensive customization options

3. Upward Lighting

Location: China

Upward Lighting first entered the market in 2010, establishing itself as a competitive wholesaler and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Their expansive COB downlight collection includes:

  • Recessed downlights
  • Adjustable downlights
  • Fire-rated downlights

They cater to diverse preferences and budgets while meeting expected quality standards.

4. OKE LED Lighting

Location: China

OKE LED Lighting, founded in 2011, produces a wide selection of lighting products with a focus on technological innovation. Their COB downlight series features:

  • Triac and DALI dimming compatibility
  • Wide beam angle options from 60 to 100 degrees
  • Robust aluminum housing for durability

They offer customization services to help clients integrate downlights into unique lighting designs.

5. Novaflex LED

Location: USA

As a leading American supplier, Novaflex LED manufactures advanced flexible lighting systems including COB LED tape lighting. They utilize a highly packed chip-on-board design to achieve:

  • Dot-free uniform lighting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Compact and adaptable form factors

With over 480 LEDs per meter, their COB tapes can illuminate surfaces flawlessly without hot spots or lines.


COB LED technology has unlocked new potential in downlighting applications across residential and commercial spaces. The suppliers presented here represent some of the most trusted brands leading innovation in this rapidly evolving sphere.

As lighting needs grow more diverse in 2024, these manufacturers will continue expanding their product lines to push the boundaries of design and efficiency. Their commitment to R&D also ensures buyers can access downlights that balance performance, quality and affordability.

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