Förvandla ditt kök med Rodec Lights infällda belysningslösningar

Choosing the right lighting can redefine your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality. Rodec Light’s recessed lighting, also known as downlight, is an excellent option, especially for small spaces or kitchens with low ceilings. These energy-efficient LED lights not only provide targeted task lighting but also enhance the overall ambiance.

Key Benefits of Recessed Lighting for Your Kitchen

  • Stylish and minimalist design that seamlessly blends into your ceiling
  • Directed beam of light ideal for task lighting over key areas
  • Variety of color temperatures from warm white (2700K) to daylight (5000K)
  • High color rendering (CRI Ra>80) accurately displays colors
  • IP44 to IP65 rating makes suitable for moisture-prone areas
  • Integrated emergency backup ensures safety

How Many Recessed Lights for Your Kitchen?

As a general rule of thumb, install one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. However, adequate lighting depends on your kitchen layout and work zones. Carefully evaluate the placement of your lighting based on the functional areas in your kitchen design.

Optimal Placement of Recessed Lighting

Proper placement of recessed lighting is crucial for enhanced visibility and ambiance. Focus adequate lighting over key work zones:

  • Kitchen island: As the hub for meal preparation, lighting over the island is vital.
  • Countertops: Well-lit countertops make cooking tasks easier.
  • Sinks: Quality lighting makes washing fruits, vegetables, and dishes effortless.
  • Cooking range: Eliminate shadows and ensure safety while cooking with focused lighting.

Recessed lighting placement should align with the established kitchen work triangle for efficient workflow. Additional accent lighting can provide a pleasant ambiance.

Best Recessed Lighting Recommendations

Rodec Light offers recessed spotlights designed specifically for kitchens:

Kitchen Spotlight

With a color rendering index (CRI) of over 80, Rodec’s kitchen spotlight accurately displays colors, making ingredients and cooked food look appetizing. The IP65 rating also makes it suitable for moisture-prone areas like over sinks.

LED Downlight

Available in various sizes and beam angles, these downlights provide directed task lighting. Quick installation and integrated emergency lighting provide additional benefits.

LED Cob Spotlight

For those preferring a round spotlight design, the cob spotlight offers similar performance to the downlight. It’s an excellent option as accent lighting to add visual interest.


Strategically placed recessed lighting aligns perfectly with your kitchen layout for enhanced ergonomics. Rodec Light offers specialized recessed luminaires to transform your cooking space with style and functionality. Explore our product catalog eller kontakta oss for more information. Let Rodec Light illuminate your kitchen to match your vision.

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