Belysning över diskbänken: Lyser upp din matlagningsplats

The kitchen sink area is a high-traffic zone where essential tasks like washing dishes, prepping ingredients, and cleaning are performed regularly. Proper lighting over the sink is crucial for creating a functional and visually appealing cooking space. Adequate illumination not only enhances visibility but also adds a stylish touch to your kitchen’s overall design.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various over kitchen sink lighting options, design considerations, and the latest trends to help you make an informed choice.

Types of Over Kitchen Sink Lighting


Pendelljus are a popular and stylish choice for illuminating the sink area. These fixtures hang from the ceiling and can be adjusted to the desired height, creating a focal point while providing ample task lighting. Pendant lights come in a wide range of styles, materials, and designs, allowing you to choose one that complements your kitchen’s decor.


  • Versatile and stylish
  • Adjustable height for optimal illumination
  • Available in various designs and materials


  • May require professional installation
  • Can obstruct views if hung too low

Flush Mount Lights

Flush mount lights are installed directly onto the ceiling, offering a sleek and space-saving solution for over the sink lighting. These fixtures are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for compact kitchens or areas with limited ceiling height.


  • Low-profile and unobtrusive
  • Enkel installation och underhåll
  • Suitable for low ceilings


  • Limited design options
  • May not provide as much focused light as other options

Infällda lampor

Recessed lights, also known as can lights or pot lights, are installed into the ceiling for a clean and streamlined look. They provide even illumination over the sink area and can be angled to direct light where needed. However, installation can be more complicated and may require professional assistance.


  • Sleek and modern appearance
  • Provide even illumination
  • Can be angled for directional lighting


  • Installation can be complex
  • May require ceiling modifications

Under-Cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights are mounted beneath kitchen cabinets, including those over the sink, providing direct lighting onto the workspace. These fixtures are excellent for task lighting and can be easily integrated into any kitchen design.


  • Focused task lighting
  • Enkel installation
  • Versatile and can be used in various kitchen layouts


  • May not illuminate the entire sink area uniformly
  • Can create shadows if not positioned correctly


When choosing over kitchen sink lighting, consider the following factors:

Kitchen Layout and Size

The size and layout of your kitchen will determine the type and number of fixtures needed. For larger kitchens, you may need multiple light sources or a combination of different lighting types to ensure adequate illumination.


Ceiling height plays a crucial role in selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures. Pendant lights may not be suitable for low ceilings, while flush mount or recessed lights can be better options.

Countertop and Backsplash Materials

Reflective surfaces like glossy countertops or backsplashes can cause glare, making it essential to position the lights correctly and choose fixtures with appropriate shades or diffusers.

Style and Aesthetics

Over kitchen sink lighting should complement the overall design and aesthetic of your kitchen. Consider the finishes, materials, and styles that align with your existing decor or the desired look you want to achieve.

Latest Trends in Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

Minimalist and Linear Designs

Minimalist and linear lighting designs are gaining popularity, offering a clean and contemporary look. Linear suspension pendants or sleek, infälld belysning strips can create a balanced and visually appealing ambiance over the sink area.

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like wood, rattan, or woven shades into your over kitchen sink lighting can add warmth and texture to the space. These materials align with the current trend of bringing natural elements into interior design.

Statement Pieces

Bold and sculptural lighting fixtures are becoming a popular choice for making a statement in the kitchen. Oversized pendants or unique designs can serve as focal points, adding visual interest and personality to the space.


Layering different types of lighting, such as combining recessed lights with pendants or under-cabinet lights, can create a well-lit and visually appealing environment. This approach allows you to achieve both task and ambient lighting while adding depth and dimension to the space.

Smart Lighting

With the rise of smart Hem technology, incorporating smart lighting lösningar over the kitchen sink can provide convenience and energy efficiency. Smart bulbs or fixtures can be controlled remotely, dimmed, or programmed to suit your preferences.


Choosing the right over kitchen sink lighting is crucial for creating a functional and visually appealing cooking space. By considering factors like kitchen layout, ceiling height, and design aesthetics, you can select fixtures that not only illuminate the sink area but also enhance the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Whether you prefer minimalist designs, natural materials, or bold statement pieces, there are numerous options available to suit your personal style and needs. Embrace the latest trends or opt for timeless classics – the key is to find lighting solutions that seamlessly blend functionality and style, transforming your kitchen into a welcoming and efficient space.