Hitta din perfekta Watt: Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Bulb Guide

Choosing the right light bulb for your Hunter ceiling fan is more than just about brightness; it’s about maximizing energy efficiency, ensuring proper fit, and enhancing your room’s ambiance. In this detailed guide, we address your top concerns such as ‘hunter ceiling fan light bulb size’, ‘ceiling fan light bulb wattage’, and ‘the best bulbs for Hunter fans’, providing you with the essential knowledge to make an informed decision.

Types of Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

When it comes to selecting the perfect light bulb for your Hunter ceiling fan, understanding the terminology like ‘ceiling fan light bulb types’, ‘types of ceiling fan light bulbs’, and ‘ceiling fan bulb types’ is crucial. This section explores a variety of bulb options specifically compatible with Hunter ceiling fans, discussing their unique benefits and the atmosphere they can create in your space.

A19 Bulbs

De A19 bulb is a common choice for ceiling fans. The ‘A’ in A19 stands for the classic, rounded shape of the bulb, while ’19’ represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. This means that an A19 bulb has a diameter of 2.375 inches. These bulbs are known for their versatility and are widely used in various lighting fixtures, including ceiling fans.

A15 Bulbs

A15 bulbs are similar to A19 bulbs in shape but are slightly smaller in size. They are often used in appliances and smaller light fixtures, including some models of ceiling fans. Despite their smaller size, A15 bulbs can still provide ample light for a room.

T12 Bulbs

T12 bulbs are tubular bulbs that are often used in fluorescent fixtures. The ‘T’ in T12 stands for tubular, while ’12’ represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. This means that a T12 bulb has a diameter of 1.5 inches. These bulbs are less common in ceiling fans but can still be found in some models.

B10 Bulbs

B10 bulbs, also known as candelabra bulbs, have a unique, decorative shape that resembles a candle flame. They are often used in chandeliers and other decorative light fixtures, including some ceiling fans. B10 bulbs can add a touch of elegance to any room.

ST19 Bulbs

ST19 bulbs are a type of vintage or Edison-style bulb. They have a distinctive elongated shape and visible filament that can add a touch of retro charm to your ceiling fan. ST19 bulbs are often used in fixtures where the bulb is visible to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.

G25 Bulbs

G25 bulbs are globe-shaped bulbs that are often used in bathroom vanities and pendant lights. They can also be used in ceiling fans, particularly those with larger or open fixtures where a larger bulb can be accommodated. G25 bulbs provide a soft, diffused light that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

G40 Bulbs

G40 bulbs are larger globe-shaped bulbs that are often used in outdoor string lights. They can also be used in ceiling fans with large, open fixtures. G40 bulbs provide a significant amount of light and can be a great choice for large rooms or outdoor spaces.

When choosing a light bulb for your ceiling fan, it’s important to consider the bulb’s size, shape, and base type, as well as the fixture’s maximum wattage. Always check your ceiling fan’s specifications to ensure that you choose a compatible bulb. Whether you prefer the classic look of an A19 bulb, the decorative appeal of a B10 bulb, or the vintage charm of an ST19 bulb, there’s a ceiling fan light bulb out there that’s perfect for your needs.

Ceiling Fan Light Bulb Size and Shape

Choosing the correct ‘ceiling fan light bulb size’ and ‘ceiling fan bulb size’ is crucial for achieving the best lighting effect and ensuring compatibility with your ceiling fan. This section highlights the importance of understanding bulb dimensions, like for a Hunter ceiling fan, and the impact they have on both light quality and room aesthetics.

Ceiling fan bulb size is determined by a combination of the bulb’s shape (represented by a letter/s) and diameter (indicated by a number/s) and is measured in eighths (1/8) of an inch. For example, with an A19 bulb, ‘A’ indicates the classic, rounded shape and ’19’ is the diameter, which equates to 19/8 or 2.375 inches.

With Hunter ceiling fans, the most common bulb size by far is A19, but other shapes like A15, T12, B10, ST19, G25, and G40 are also used.

Bulb Shape Diameter (inches)
A19 2.375
A15 1.875
T12 1.5
B10 1.25
ST19 2.375
G25 3.125
G40 5

The bases of the light bulbs you buy need to fit into the socket of your ceiling fan light fixture. The ‘base’ refers to the type of socket (represented by a letter/s) and the size of the screw/contacts (indicated by a number/s). Since 2018, Hunter fans accommodate bulbs with a medium screw base (E26), where “E” is the screw base socket and ’26’ is the thread pitch.

Bulb wattage is another important factor to consider. The amount of energy the bulb uses is measured in watts. A light bulb with a lower wattage requires less energy use, which means lower energy costs. With a lower wattage than incandescent bulbs, LED ceiling fan bulbs still provide an equal amount of light.

For example, a 100w incandescent (standard) bulb is the equivalent of just 18w in an LED bulb.

Bulb Type Wattal
Incandescent 100w
LED 18w

Lastly, the purpose of the light component of your ceiling fan is crucial. Is it intended to serve as the primary source of light for the room or as a supplement to other light fixtures? Identifying the function or purpose of the lighting is important to ensure you get bulbs that deliver the color and brightness you need.

When choosing a light bulb for your ceiling fan, consider the bulb’s size, shape, base, wattage, and purpose. This will ensure you get the best light output and longevity from your lights.


Identifying the correct ‘ceiling fan bulb base size’ and ‘hunter ceiling fan light bulb replacement’ criteria is essential for ensuring your new bulbs fit perfectly. Since 2018, Hunter ceiling fans typically accommodate the E26 medium screw base, a standard in American ceiling fans. This section guider you on how to verify the right bulb base for your specific Hunter ceiling fan model, especially important for those with older fans.

Ceiling Fan Light Bulb Wattage

Understanding the ‘ceiling fan light bulb wattage’ and ‘wattage for ceiling fan lights’ is key to optimizing energy efficiency while maintaining desired brightness. This section discusses how to balance the wattage of LED bulbs for Hunter ceiling fans, ensuring you achieve the perfect harmony between energy savings and effective lighting. It’s vital to refer to your model’s manual or fixture label to determine the ideal wattage for your ceiling fan.

Light and Color

Dimmable ceiling fan light bulbs offer the flexibility to adjust brightness as needed, allowing you to set the ambiance of your space. All Hunter remotes come with the dimming feature enabled by default, and you can toggle this feature on/off at any time. It’s important to note that while dimming bulbs can be used with pull-chain fans, they will not dim unless a suitable control with dimming capabilities is installed.

Choosing the Right Bulb

When choosing a bulb for your ceiling fan, consider the following:

  • Type of Bulb: LED bulbs are the most common type used in modern Hunter ceiling fans. They offer energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Bulb Size and Shape: The most common bulb size for Hunter ceiling fans is A19, but other shapes like A15, T12, B10, ST19, G25, and G40 are also used.
  • Light Output: If your ceiling fan light fixture is the sole source of light for the room, opt for a bulb with a high lumen output (800 and above) to ensure sufficient illumination for daily tasks.
  • Energieffektivitet: LED and CFL bulbs are recommended for their energy efficiency, which reduces costs and the labor involved in changing dead bulbs.
  • Dimningsfunktioner: If the ceiling light is meant to supplement existing lighting, a dimmable bulb is ideal. This feature allows you to adjust the brightness of the bulb as needed.
  • Livslängd: For ceiling fan lights installed on very high ceilings, or if you simply don’t want to frequently change light bulbs, long-lasting, energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs are ideal.

Table: Bulb Comparison

Bulb Type Energieffektivitet Livslängd Dimningsfunktioner
LED High Long Yes
CFL High Medium Yes
Incandescent Low Short Yes

Remember, the best bulb for your ceiling fan depends on your specific needs and the model of your fan. Always refer to your fan’s manual or consult with a lighting expert to ensure you choose the right bulb.

Best Light Bulbs for Ceiling Fans

The best ceiling fans with lights deserve the right bulbs for optimal performance. Ultimately choosing the best bulbs for ceiling fans comes down to your preferences, lighting needs, and fan model. Remember, the Hunter fans with included light kits come with the appropriate number of bulbs, which are usually LED, so you won’t need to buy any until it’s time to replace them.

Light Bulb Replacement Tips

  • Most Hunter fans with light kits utilize LED bulbs.
  • Replacement light bulbs must fit into the same bulb socket as the original bulbs.
  • A light bulb’s wattage should never exceed the wattage listed on the label of the light fixture socket.
  • Determine the brightness and color temperature you want from your light bulbs.
  • If you want to dim your light kit, you must have “dimmable” rated bulbs and have a dimming capable control installed.

Here are some Hunter ceiling fan models and their recommended light bulb wattages based on the information from various sources:

Hunter Ceiling Fan Model Recommended Light Bulb Wattage Source
Hunter Fremont 52″ 60W equivalent LED (9W actual)  
15-year old Hunter ceiling fan with light kit 40W  
48-inch ceiling fan model 75W  

Please note that these are general recommendations. Always refer to your specific model’s owner’s manual or the label on the fixture’s votive cover for the maximum ceiling fan bulb wattage.


Selecting the ideal light bulb for your Hunter ceiling fan, considering aspects like ‘what wattage light bulb for ceiling fan’ and ‘hunter ceiling fan light bulbs’, is crucial for optimal performance and ambiance. Our guide aims to demystify the process, ensuring you make the best choice for both efficiency and style. Remember, a well-chosen bulb enhances the functionality and aesthetic of your ceiling fan, contributing significantly to your room’s overall ambiance.

For further insights into tailored lighting solutions, visit the Rodec ljus website. To explore a range of innovative lighting options, including LED solutions, visit our LED lighting solutions.

Vanliga frågor

What wattage bulb should I use in my Hunter ceiling fan?

Hunter ceiling fans typically require bulbs that range between 40 and 100 watts. However, it is important to check the user manual or documentation for your specific model since each product may have different requirements.

Can I use LED-ljus bulbs in my Hunter ceiling fan?

Yes, you can use LED light bulbs in your Hunter ceiling fan as long as they are compatible with the fixture and rated for enclosed spaces. Make sure they fall within the wattage range that your fan’s user manual permits.

What type of light bulb base does a Hunter ceiling fan require?

Hunter ceiling fans usually require either E12 or E26 bases, which correspond to candelabra and medium screw-based bulbs, respectively. Again, refer to your user manual or documentation for specific requirements based on the model of your Hunter ceiling fan.