How to Install Lithonia Track Lighting: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Lithonia, a popular brand known for its high-quality products, offers a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes in track lighting. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician, installing track lighting is an excellent way to add more light and style to your space. However, some users face issues like flickering. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to install Lithonia track lighting step by step.

How to Install Lithonia Track Lighting: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before You Begin

Before getting started with installation, make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials on hand:


  • Maßband
  • Bleistift
  • Ebene
  • Schraubendreher
  • Wire stripper or cutter
  • Electrical tester


  • Lithonia track lighting kit (track heads, power feed connector, end-feed connector)
  • Appropriate bulbs for your kit
  • Anchors (if needed)

Once you have everything ready, move on with these steps:

Step 1: Turn Off Power at Circuit Breaker

It’s important always to turn off power at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical work. Locate the circuit breaker that controls electricity flow in your room where you will install Lithonia track lighting. Switch it off completely so that there’s no current running through any wiring during installation work.

Step 2: Plan Your Layout

Before jumping straight into marking holes for installation on your walls or ceiling surface directly; take some time first to clearly plan exactly where each fixture should be placed so that they are evenly spaced apart as well as oriented correctly around objects or furniture pieces already present within a given area.

Step 3: Install the Power Feed Connector

With power turned off, it’s time to install the power feed connector. A power feed connector is a junction box that connects your Lithonia track lighting kit to your electrical circuit. This is where electricity will flow through and be distributed evenly across the track heads.

Step 4: Connect End-Feed Connector

The next step is connecting your end-feed connector to the other side of your Lithonia light track system, which has channels running throughout its length at regular intervals.

Step 5: Mount Track Heads Onto the track system.

After all connection points have been secured tightly in place and tested thoroughly with an electrical tester device; it is time to mount individual track heads onto rail mechanism previously installed beforehand.

Step 6: Attach Track System to Ceiling or Wall Surface

Once track heads have been installed onto the tracks themselves, it’s time to attach them to your chosen surface (ceiling or wall).

Step 7: Install Bulbs and Turn on Power

The final step is installing your bulbs into each Lithonia track lighting head while also restoring power at the circuit breaker.

Congratulations! You successfully installed your new Lithonia track lighting system; enjoy its performance moving forward as you wish for years to come.


Lithonia track lighting is a great option for adding both style and extra illumination to any room in your heim or office. Whether you’re looking for accent lighting or task lighting, Lithonia offers a wide range of products that come in various finishes, sizes, and styles.

By following these seven easy steps, you can install your Lithonia track lighting system in no time. Remember to always turn off power at the circuit breaker before starting any electrical work and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer closely.


Do I need special tools or equipment to install Lithonia track lighting?

You will need some basic tools such as a screwdriver, wire stripper, pliers, and a voltage tester. You may also require additional equipment like mounting hardware and electrical tape, depending on the type of installation you’re doing.

CanI install Lithonia track lighting myself or do I need to hire an electrician?

If you have experience working with electrical wiring, installing Lithonia track lighting can be a DIY project. However, if you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation or don’t feel comfortable working with electricity in general, it’s best to hire a qualified electrician.

How do I connect multiple fixtures along one track system?

First, determine how many fixtures you want on each circuit by calculating the total wattage of all the lights together with 80% load capacity guide from NEC (National Electrical Code). Next, use jumper wires and connectors provided by Lithonia Lighting to link all the fixtures together along one continuous track segment. Make sure that each fixture is securely fastened to the track before turning on power again.