Ceiling spot lights are commonly used in devices that produce intense lighting in well-defined areas in stage, film, ballet, and opera productions.

Not only do spot light ceiling LED last several times longer than incandescent bulbs, but they are also significantly more energy efficient. Compared to fluorescent lamps, ceiling spot lights perform even better, and unlike this type of lamp, LED ceiling spot lights do not require warm-up to reach full brightness.

Looking for ceiling spot light manufacturers and LED ceiling spot light suppliers in China? Rodec Light offers different types of spot lights such as spot stage light ceiling, ceiling spot light white, dimmable ceiling light spot, LED suspended ceiling spot light, etc.

Sleek and elegant, the ceiling spot light accessory consists of a sleek chrome light stand, metal body, and thickened metal shade. Flexible ceiling spotlight metal bracket, you can install the LED spot light ceiling where you need it. Contact Rodec Light to gain more about ceiling spot light sizes and ceiling spot light wattage.

    • Anti Glare GU10 Ceiling Spotlight
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      • Anti Glare GU10 Ceiling Spotlight

      • New style Anti Glare GU10 LED Ceiling Spotlight, Tuya WiFi smart control for color changing & RGB vivid colors Consisting of a smooth chrome-plated lamp frame, a metal lamp body and a thicken metal lampshade, make a trendy and unique look. 360°lighting with anti-glare design to make the lighting more even and smooth Flexible with metal lamp body holder, you can install it…
    • G9 Ceiling Spotlight
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      • G9 Ceiling Spotlight

      • New style G9 LED Ceiling Spotlight, Tuya WiFi smart control for color changing & RGB vivid colors The clear glass shades with G9 bulbs, for a trendy and unique look 360°lighting with anti-glare design to make the lighting more even and smooth Flexible with metal lamp body holder, you can install it anywhere you need. The ceiling spotlight have a…
    • GU10 Ceiling Spotlight
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      • GU10 Ceiling Spotlight

      • New style GU10 LED Ceiling Spotlight, Tuya WiFi smart control for color changing & RGB vivid colors Consisting of a smooth chrome-plated lamp frame, a metal lamp body and a thicken metal lampshade, make a trendy and unique look. 360°lighting with anti-glare design to make the lighting more even and smooth Flexible with metal lamp body holder, you can install…
    • GX53 Ceiling Spotlight
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      • GX53 Ceiling Spotlight

      • New style GX53 LED Spot light, Tuya WiFi smart control for color changing & RGB vivid colors Super slim design with only 12mm high, ideal lighting for your warm home 360lighting with anti-glare design to make the lighting more even and smooth Flexible with GX53 holder, you can install it anywhere you need. This product works easily via Amazon Alexa,…
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Ceiling Spot Lighting Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

Table of Contents

We have spotlights and LED spots for all purposes, whether for the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom. LED spots and spotlights are robust and energy-efficient light sources that have a very long life and a low electricity consumption. The discreet, classic designs mean they will fit into any decor.

Adjustable ceiling spotlights, including LED ceiling spotlights, let you direct the light wherever you want it. You can light up a lovely painting, beautiful ornaments on a shelf or your book collection. Show off your favorite things and the reflected light adds atmosphere to the room, too.

Are you looking to add more light to a room? Do you want something that combines a minimal, modern look with flexibility and multiple configuration options? Our LED Ceiling Spotlights may be exactly what you’re looking for. Able to provide excellent lighting to specific areas, LED spotlights are often used in kitchens and bathrooms, but can be arranged to provide far more ambient light or used in conjunction with other forms of lighting to provide beautiful lighting to living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Very small and compact, LED ceiling spotlights can be installed unobtrusively and, if flush with the ceiling, take up no space in the room, allowing a sleek look to be maintained and boosting their use in small spaces like cupboards, closets and en-suites.

Those LED ceiling spotlights that don’t sit flush with the ceiling are on mobile, adjustable stems or bases, meaning the light can be pointed in different directions to allow intense lighting of a single area or lighting from multiple angles. The LED can also be turned away to provide more ambient light to the room, giving the illumination a much gentler tone.

On top of this, the LED spotlights can often be wired to operate independent of one another, giving the owner a unique amount of control over the lighting of their rooms. This feature is one of the things that makes them so compatible with other light sources, since they can be switched on or off independently as the situation demands.

Along the same lines, LED lights have incredible longevity and are unusually efficient. If a bulb fails in a room lit by LED spotlights, overall illumination will remain at a good level due to the other bulbs. If they can be repositioned, they can also be moved to compensate for the missing bulb until you can replace it!

Where to use LED Ceiling Spotlights

LED ceiling spotlights can be used in any room of the house. However, we think they especially give exceptional lighting and aesthetics to bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Many people like to use LED Spotlights in the kitchen because it provides a great form of lighting when preparing food. The flexibility of the lights means that light can be provided where it is needed most. When working with sharp knives and hot pans, this is a big bonus! If you need any help picking your lights, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What are LED spotlights?

LED spotlights are the same as traditional spotlights in a visual and functional sense. Spotlights is a lamp that projects a beam of light onto a certain spot, which can be adjusted. They are great for room lighting as you can adjust them. Multiple spotlights can shine down on many areas, which is perfect for task lighting.

The only difference between LED and traditional lighting spotlights is the light source used. LEDs are significantly more efficient and cost-effective. LEDs use approximately 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs, which increases their lifetime and potentially can lead to a decrease in bills. Reducing your electricity usage also benefits the environment, and lowers your carbon footprint.

Where can spotlights be installed?

A popular option for ceiling spotlights is to have between 4 and 8 attached to an attachment. Ceiling spotlights are ideal as they equally distribute light across the whole room, and they can be dimmed when you want a lower light.

Wall spotlights are great for task lighting. For example, you could place one directly above your couch or armchair in the room where you read. This means you do not need to light the whole room up and use excessive electricity. Wall spotlights are also a popular option for outside purposes, as they can light up certain areas like a pathway, for practical purposes.

What options are available?

Colour: options for the colour of the spotlight head, and options for the colour of the light itself.

Dimensions: the height and width of the LED light.

Brand: Rodec Light fouce on Ceiling Spot Light over 15 years.

Wattage: The higher the wattage, then the brighter the light will shine.

Voltage: the force of electricity that is moving from the power source to the light.

Are these spotlights for indoor or outdoor usage?

The spotlights that we sell are for indoor usage and can be used in any room that you would like. We also sell spotlights that can be installed for task lighting in the bathroom e.g. on the ceiling above the shower.

We also sell LED floodlights, which have a similar effect as spotlights, but they are for outdoor usage.

How do you install LED ceiling spotlights?

LED ceiling spotlights are easy to install. Here are the instructions:

Using a pencil and a compass, draw the position you would like the light to be on.

Check if there are any interferences e.g. cables or pipes, that could prevent light from being there.

If there is no interference, then you can move to the next step. Drill a small hole inside the circle.

Next, put on safety goggles and a mask. Now get a hole saw and cut around the circle that you drew out.

Remove the plaster that you removed from the ceiling.

Now your light slot is ready.

Can your ceiling spotlights be dimmed?

Particular ceiling spotlight bulbs can be dimmed, others cannot. You can find all the information about particular units and bulbs on the individual product page. If you are struggling to find the information you need, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Do you stock LED spotlight bulbs or just whole units?

We sell LED spotlight bulbs as well as whole units, like 4, 5 and 6 Watt COB LED GU10 Bulbs. These can be used to replace any spotlight bulb units that we offer.

Rodec Light Ceiling lighting

Ceiling lights are a great solution for rooms where there is not much space or where there are low ceilings. With a ceiling lamp, you get good functional general lighting with a large lighting surface. Ceiling lights mounted on the wall can create an elegant visual effect, for example, in a long narrow passageway. Ceiling lights are not especially suitable as mood lighting, but they have a more practical function. If you would like a cosier lighting in the room, you can supplement with a floor or table lamp.

Types of ceiling lights

There are very classic styles of ceiling lights both with and without LED, with white opal glass or a plastic shade. If you would like a little more modern and minimalist design, Rodec Light is an obvious choice.Ceiling lights are a great solution for rooms where there is not much space or where there are low ceilings. With a ceiling lamp, you get good functional general lighting with a large lighting surface. Ceiling lights mounted on the wall can create an elegant visual effect, for example, in a long narrow passageway. Ceiling lights are not especially suitable as mood lighting, but they have a more practical function. If you would like a cosier lighting in the room, you can supplement with a floor or table lamp.

Choose the right light source for your ceiling lamp

If a ceiling lamp does not have integrated LED or is sold without a light source, assess which type of bulb you would prefer. We recommend that you select an LED bulb that provides the right amount of required light. If the ceiling lamp is to be installed in the bathroom ceiling, you need a good, strong light. But if it is being installed in a hallway, the light doesn’t need to be as strong, and you should therefore choose a bulb with lower wattage/lumens.

Flush mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture offers excellent lighting with quality standards, it can be used as a wall or ceiling mount. With LED arrays inside to replace the old bulbs which deliver smooth light without shadow. This LED ceiling fixture is available in different finish and shape, and various function available: continuously on, CCT adjustable, and Dimmable. The all white fixture comes with a dome-shape could look shallow, which will blend right into all ceiling. And the chrome edged fixture can add a bit of clean sparkle to a kitchen or bathroom. Brushed nickel flush mount LED lights keep a space modern and minimal.

We often need extra lighting within our homes, whether it’s to highlight certain areas of a room which don’t receive enough light from your main ceiling light or to provide additional light for tasks such as reading or cooking. Ceiling spotlights provide a versatile form of lighting for using in a variety of different situations throughout every room in your home.

Ceiling spotlights come in many different designs which make them suitable for most rooms in your home. For example, we have collections of recessed down lights which give a sleek modern look that’s suitable for rooms such as bedrooms or your hallway and stairs. However, some homeowners find that they’re unable to fit recessed spotlights within their ceiling, therefore we also offer spotlights which can be mounted directly to the ceiling or wall. One thing to note, if you’re looking for spotlights for your bathroom, check out our range of bathroom light fittings which are protected against moisture.

Ceiling spotlights, recessed down lights, surface mounted spots, spotlight bars, spotlight clusters, traditional spotlights and contemporary modern spotlighting is all available from Rodec Light.

Buy Premium LED Ceiling Lights Online in China

Rodec Light ceiling lights make your rooms brighter with superior quality lighting and innovative designs. These lights can be used throughout, and they blend perfectly with the decor of your rooms.

Rodec Light Offers A Wide Range OF LED Ceiling Lights

Whether you need LED ceiling lights or LED panel light for your home or your office, Rodec Light has something for all purposes. While decorating your homes for special occasions, your best choice for lighting would be LED strip lights.

Another smart lighting option would be the Rodec Light panel light. These ceiling lights should be spaced at regular intervals depending on the size of your rooms for the right amount of light at all corners of your room.

The Rodec Light cob light is another great option for ceiling lights for living room. These are designed using the latest technology.

Rodec Light LED ceiling lights for homes not only offer you variety, but they come at an affordable price.

How to Buy Ceiling Lights for Your Home?

Before you buy a product, you have to do every test and try possible at the moment of shopping. But above this, there are certain things which are more critical, and a lot relies on it. If you fail to bring them to mind at the time of purchase, except regret, you will not be able to do anything. Hence to let this frightful situation remain a thought and not a reality, do reflect on the wisdom provided below while shopping for ceiling lights for living room.

The height of your roof: No matter whether you are buying decorative ceiling lights or any other sort of light, if the product has a relation to the ceiling, forget not to consider your ceiling’s height. Some houses have high ceilings, and others have a low ceilings. A person with a high ceiling must focus on buying a long-hanging sort of ceiling light rather than a small one that doesn’t even give sufficient light to work. Besides this, those with low ceilings must try to buy a light that isn’t long in structure as you might get hit by the same light while walking by the area in which it is placed. Hence the height of your home’s ceiling matters.

Material Of The Light: Material is the real essence provided to an object; the same goes for living room ceiling lights. The material out of which the product is composed of decides how pretty the thing will look, how long it will last, and also the level of damage it could withstand. So before quality, you check material as it would determine the quality aspect of any product.

Trustworthy Quality: If you read the pointer just before this one, you might have understood what is the key to quality material. Before you pay for your bedroom ceiling light, think it necessary to check the material it is made up of. You need to know which material your new purchase is composed of- glass, cane or metal.

Type Of light You Need: Before buying a product, you must have a clear view in your mind of what kind of product you are actually looking for. It often happens people go on to a store to shop for a product and when asked the question which type of product as there are lot of varieties and sub-varieties in every. This question becomes a blind point for the customer, and they shop for the first they encounter without thinking much over it. So for your own advantage, when you go to buy a wall ceiling light, you better have a rough idea of the structure and colour you want the light to be in.

Reasonable Price: Budget is everything, at least for customers, as it enables them to make the purchase for a product that their pocket could accommodate. Therefore in advance of purchasing modern ceiling lights, you better plan out an appropriate budget after comparing prices online or offline. Whichever suits your convenience.

Room It Will Be Placed In: The space for which you buy led ceiling lights must be considered on priority. Say you are shopping the product for the living room, then bear in the design and structure that will suit the vibe and atmosphere of the room best must be preferred. And if you are purchasing one for your bedroom, the light must be more soothing than bright and fancy. Gentle light will help you have a good night sleep.

Features Of Ceiling Lights

Not only do you get variety with the modern ceiling lights from Rodec Light, but these ceiling lights have some amazing features as well. These include zero mercury, no harmful UV/IR radiation, easy fitting, different colours, slim design, and chip technology.

In terms of safety, you can trust Rodec Light fancy ceiling lights completely since they don’t have any mercury or UV/IR tradition. Zero mercury makes them safe for you and the environment. These lights conform to BIS safety standards with surge protection of 2.5V. The surge protection feature prevents any fire hazards or damage to the lights due to a sudden surge in the flow of electricity. These lights are also shockproof.

These ceiling lights for the living room come in different colours, and you can vary the colours to get the right mood going. Depending on your requirements, you can use brighter light or softer light when you need to relax with friends and family. The ultra-slim construction of these ceiling lights saves you lots of space. An added benefit is fitting these lights takes almost no time with the twist-and-lock method.

Some LED ceiling lights use the modern chip on board or COB technology so that you don’t need to worry about the wires dangling and spoiling the aesthetics of your room. They can be fitted in a junction box.

Additional features of ceiling lights are durability, controlled beam angle, adjustable viewing angle, lightweight, semi-metal panels, energy savings, smooth light distribution, robust LED-driver and Honeycomb lens.

The long-lasting adhesive used in these lights and semi-metal panels with metal collar makes these ceiling lights more durable. Some of these lights also have a full metal body. The rimless surface downlighter with a glowing edge makes maintenance extremely convenient. The adjustable viewing angle allows you to focus the beam in any direction you want and provides you with a 60-degree angle. If you need task lighting at a particular spot, you can get it with the controlled beam angle. With super lumen 36W tile and 3100 lumens, you get a brighter light.

These lights help you lower your electricity bill with a power factor of more than 0.9, leading to less energy consumption and 15000 hours of lighting. This makes these lights a great long-term investment. These ceiling lights have a wide light distribution thanks to the Honeycomb lens, and you don’t face any problems with a glare that hurts your vision. The robust LED-driver gives you a longer life, eye protection, and smoother light distribution.

These modern ceiling lights come in different wattage and colour temperatures. Colour temperatures decide the brightness of light, the higher the colour temperature, the brighter the light. When choosing a light, take the size of the room and the height of the ceiling into account because for larger rooms, you will need a higher colour temperature.

With higher wattage, you also have higher energy consumption. Rodec Light ceiling lights come with a 5-year warranty.

What are LED Spotlights?

LED spotlights are meant to complement the décor of your home. Investing in these LED lights helps you elevate the charm quotient of any room within minutes! The LED bulb found inside is available in a variety of colours and beam angles.

Wide beams and warm-coloured spotlights for home are ideal choices for soothing, ambient lighting whereas narrow beams with cooler coloured LED Spotlights are designed to highlight specific home décor or areas in a room. The ergonomically designed LED bulb satisfies all your lighting requirements while remaining energy-efficient and consuming less power as compared to its alternatives.

Features and Benefits of Rodec Light LED Spotlights

Rodec Light understands the role of lighting in the upliftment of the overall ambience of your house. Rodec Light LED spotlight comes in five magnificent colours- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White to suit your every mood. The multi-coloured LED Spotlights can be installed on the ceiling or a wall according to your taste of home décor.

The spotlights for home are finished in a white moulded ring that further enhances the beauty of the exquisite pieces. The honeycomb lens of the spotlights provides adequate light distribution as well.

The Rodec Light LED spotlight is designed with world-class materials and comes with a two years warranty. You are advised not to be misguided by its ultra-small dimension as a few of these LED spotlights are enough to make your whole house light up without taking up a lot of space!

Use of LED Spotlights

Adequate lighting is essential for every house and LED Spotlights allow you to get the best possible lighting in every corner of your home. Rodec Light LED spotlights will help you enhance the look of your living room, dressing room area and more. You can use these lights to bring attention to your favourite paintings or art pieces around the house as well. The multi-colour option of the LED bulb helps you set the right mood for every occasion!

Durable and easy to use, Rodec Light have introduced state-of-the-art adjustable optics which ensure eco-friendly and long-lasting features. Conforming to the international quality standards, the LED spotlight come in compact design with shock resistant features which enable enhanced outlook of the interiors.

Ceiling Lights are the lights that hang close to the ceiling and make a great visual statement. The led ceiling light is a viable option for such homes that have low ceilings and wants to illuminate the space.

Benefits of Having LED Ceiling Lights For Living Room

These ceiling lights for living room will spruce up the look of the complete home. Check out the following benefits of ceiling lights –

Economical Solution

If you have a cosy space and want a worthy lighting fixture, then ceiling lights are the ideal option to pick. These led ceiling lights come in fantastic styles that change the appeal of interiors quickly and also it is within an affordable budget. So, smartly make the changes in your home décor by welcoming these living room ceiling lights.

Easier to Install

These ceiling lights for living room are very easy to handle and can be installed easily on the ceiling of your home wherever you want. So, pick any from modern ceiling lights online, assembled it and enjoy the brightening space quickly.

Complement Your Existing Furniture

Hanging Ceiling lights at your home to adorn the beauty of your dark furniture or the existing furniture accessories. Using such beautiful and brightening ceiling lights will complement the style of your interiors and make your space livelier.

Provides Illumination to the Room

Ceiling lights are used to either highlight certain areas of your room or illuminate the entire room. Also, you can use mirror frames and other essentials to make your space more decorative and aesthetically beautiful.

Different Styles of Ceiling Lights Online to Choose from Rodec Light

Bring light to your home décor and in your lives through our wide assortment of hanging ceiling lamps for living room collection at the best affordable rates. We have various styles of led ceiling lights to suit everyone’s distinctive tastes and personalities. At Rodec Light, we have narrowed down all the thoughtful selection of lightning solutions for ceiling lights for living room that wherever you hung either in hallways or dining room, will illuminate your home.

Modern Ceiling Lights

If you are looking for the modern style of led ceiling lights to adorn the beauty of your interiors, then get happy as you are at the right store. You will find the perfect set of modern led ceiling lights collections that will create a warm and welcoming home. For example, we have Westinghouse Metallic Chrome Steel Flush Mount Ceiling Light, White and Antique Brass Dycus Classic Ceiling Light, Antique Brass Piquette 2 Chrome Solid Metal Ceiling Light etc.

Contemporary Ceiling Lights

Contemporary ceiling lights are a remarkably beautiful style of fixture that can enhance the overall look and feel of your interiors. If you want to have an eclectic unit in your home décor, then this is the right card to pick. We have a huge collection of led ceiling lights suiting the features of this category, such as Fire Rated Downlight, Ceiling Spot Light, Commercial Downlight, LED Module Spot Lights, SMD Downlights etc. Furthermore, they are crafted with prime materials to ensure serviceability for long use.

Designer Ceiling Lights

To give your home an attractive and designer appeal, we have beautiful designer hanging ceiling light for living room lightning fixtures for you at the best rates. Find the fascinating designs from our collection and set up an elegant setting in any corner of your home. Like you can roll your eyes at our Hymel Trio Ceiling Light that can enhance the artistic beauty of your interiors instantly.

Different Kinds of Ceiling Lights Available On Rodec Light

The two topmost concerns which predominate a customer’s mind are quality and material. Their worry is valid as these two components of a product pretty much decide the future effects of a product. The same goes hand in hand with fan ceiling lights, as you must be extra careful while shopping for them due to their delicate structure and vulnerability. Material and quality are co-related with each other. One, directly and indirectly, impacts the other and is clearly expressed in the effects of material over quality. So let’s see the material varieties that we have in ceiling lights.

Metal Ceiling Lights

The reason why most people are keen on buying squared led ceiling lights in metal is that metal has the strength to bear damages. Due to the material, you could not say that it is absolutely immune to damages, but yes, minor ones it could quickly put up with. In addition to it, you could find a lot of designs in it that are comely and pleasant.

Glass Ceiling Lights

If you are madly in love with beautiful things, then do give crystal ceiling lights a try. The material glass it is made up of gives a glittering and shimmering effect. Apart from this, the glass looks extremely beautiful. Its crystally appearance could hardly be matched by any other object. Hence, if you want the light for more of a show purpose rather than practical ones, then the material mentioned above could be an excellent choice.

Cane Ceiling Lights

Cane is by far the most flexible material. Due to this, if you decide to buy ceiling lights in this material, you will, by all means, encounter a lot of designs in it. People who call themselves environmentalists could also shop for it as it is eco-friendly and doesn’t do any harm to nature. But the biggest pro of the material is its lightweight feature. You could shift the light around the house according to your needs without tiring yourself of falling on the floor.

Why Shop For Ceiling Lights From Rodec Light?

The question of why this store and not the other often provokes an individual’s thoughts. The question, by all means, is valid. There are a lot of stores in the market that sell products like hallway ceiling lights. But not all products possess quality, and not every storekeeper is true to fair trade values. Among frauds and dishonesty, it is hard to shop for the best fancy ceiling light that could not only decorate your home with its shimmer but also stands as an emblem of honesty between a customer and a shopkeeper. By the way, Rodec Light is a store that has all abilities to nurture a solid customer-seller relationship.

Big discounts on Ceiling Lights

We always look for opportunities through which we could give our customers the happiness they deserve. Their happiness is worth a lot to us as it validates that we are on the right track and must keep going like that. Among one such steps that we employ in order to double our customer’s excitement, we offer festive discounts on an occasional basis. It enables our customers to buy products like ceiling lights that their budget does not accommodate. We believe that all our customer are entitled to purchase products of their preference no matter how high the cost of the product is.

Free of cost shipping on Ceiling Lights

We are a furniture store that provides its dear customer free of cost shipping. We do it to reduce the pressure of unnecessary bills that mounts up on a regular customer apart from the cost of the product. The service is the witness of our endeavors we do to care for our customers.

Free installation services on Ceiling Lights

In the majority of stores, free installation is an uncommon service that is less likely to be found in other stores. They charge large amounts of money for this service from customers. Customers who are unaware of the unexpected expenses they have to pay besides the price of the products like led ceiling lights find themselves unable to deal with it. So they easily give in and pay more than their pocket could bear. But in our store, we have never treated our customers this way. We first, last and always consider the customer as a god. As a result, we offer our customers free installation services as we acknowledge this belief.

Quality Material if Ceiling Lights

The success of our business lies in the quality that we sell to our customers. The thorough examination and quality tests are some of the ways through which we check whether our products are of the quality that fits our customers or not. The premium quality products like hanging ceiling lights are a witness of our endeavors to keep the level of our products as high as always.

People’s Choice- Top Picks of Ceiling Lights from WoodenStreet Collection Westinghouse Metallic Chrome Steel Flush Mount Ceiling Light

If you have modern interiors and want beautiful illuminating and minimal lighting fixtures for your living room, then this is an ideal option to select. It is blended with a combination of glass and steel to showcase the eternal beauty and durability of the design. Adding to this, you can have this at just Rs. 3519/- only.

White Rodec Light Semi Flush Mounted Ceiling Light

When you need a lighting fixture that gets minimal attention but brightens up the section of your room quickly, then add this ceiling light to your shopping cart. It’s easy to clean and maintain and crafted with a durable material that ensures prolonged use. Is this design fascinated you? Then, you can easily have through our secured payment gateways and at just Rs. 5,279/- only.

Here you can find a vast collection of numerous lamps and lights online fashioned in revolutionary designs for every part of your home such as bedroom lights, living room lights, kitchen lights, bathroom lights, Panel lights, etc.

Apart from these Rodec Light provides amazing Decorative Lights like Gate Lights, Outdoor Wall Lights, Fairy Lights, String Lights, LED String Lights, Diwali Lights decorations, and many more.

We have China’s largest range of ceiling spotlights including LED, multi-globe, adjustable and marine grade spotlights.

Every room in every home is different, so whether you’re looking for a calming effect in your sitting room, targeted lighting on walls in a hallway or conservatory or a dazzling effect while you cook or entertain in the kitchen, our fixed and tilting LED ceiling spotlights will give your room its moment in the spotlight.

We’ve got dozens of different ceiling spotlights for you to choose from in all sorts of styles, finishes and configurations, from single fixed spotlights to multiple head ones that can be adjusted in any position.

Which ceiling spotlights are available?

Whether you’re looking for fixed spots or need an adjustable light to brighten different areas, we’ve got spots in a range of colours – as well as the standard white – to brighten all types of decor, from contemporary and retro to vintage and industrial.

There are three main types of ceiling spotlights:

Single spotlights : that are adjustable and have a base Bar spotlights: Recessed spotlights that sit flush with the ceiling Multiple head round and square plate spotlights ### Why are LED spotlights ideal for ceiling spotlights? For a long time, halogen bulbs were the number one choice for ceiling spotlights because of their compactness and the number of options available.

However, these days, LEDs are the most popular choice.

Not only are LED spotlights more energy-efficient, lasting much longer than halogen bulbs, but they also give out a more comfortable light and can save homeowners up to 60% in energy and costs.

ceiling spotlight white bar spotlight ## How do I align ceiling spots correctly? Depending on what you want to highlight, you can align our spotlights in any direction you wish.

Do I need a transformer for my ceiling spotlights?

Ceiling spotlights usually run at 230 volts, like ordinary ceiling lights. On our product pages, you’ll see this information in the product details.

Usually, it’ll read something like this: “Supply voltage in Volt: 230”.

Should additional transformers be necessary, it’ll be noted in the product description.

Do all ceiling spots and spotlights swivel or tilt?

Usually, all spotlights can be swivelled or tilted. However, there are some models with fixed spots only.

For safety reasons, please read the product description before buying.

Which is better with recessed spotlights – high voltage or low voltage?

There is no real advantage to either although we recommend low voltage in areas that can get damp, such as showers, etc (see our bathroom answer below).

High voltage spotlights use 220 – 240 volts and do not need any other accessories/equipment in order to work. Low voltage spotlights only work with low voltage and need a transformer to reduce the mains power down to 12 volts.

If in doubt, ask one of our advisors.

What styles do they come in?

Our spotlights come in a huge variety of styles, colours and materials. Have a look through our choices in the search fields above if you don’t believe us. You can choose by colour, room type, style, price, material, base type, ingress protection (IP) code, dimensions, technology, number of bulbs and even wattage.

Are spotlights dimmable?

Most are but, to be sure, check the technical specifications for the bulb. It should say “Dimmable: Yes”.

However, if you find a spotlight you love on our site that isn’t specified as dimmable you might be able to change the bulb to a dimmable one instead. Ask one of our advisors and always use a qualified electrician if you’re not confident in installing a dimmer switch yourself.

If you are looking for spotlights with more smart functions, feel free to explore our selection of Philips Hue spotlights.

Do these spotlights come with built-in light bulbs?

Our LED ones usually do but always check the specifications page for the spotlight you’re interested in. If a base type is given it means the bulb is not built in.

Can I put spotlights in the bathroom?

Yes you can, but as electricity and water don’t mix well, at all, you have to be careful.

All of our spotlights are rated according to their ingress protection (IP). This is a code that shows the fitting’s protection against the elements. It’s a two-digit number – the first one represents protection from solid objects on a scale of 0 – 6 while the second represents protection from liquids on a scale of 0 – 8.

Now the regulations divide your bathroom into three zones:

Zone 1 is in the shower itself and your spotlight must be rated above IP4 to go in here.

Zone 2 is around the shower and above the sink where it might get splashed by water and spotlights here must have an IP rating of 4 or more too.

Zone 3 covers the rest of the bathroom and you need a light with an IP2 or greater rating.

Should I look for halogen or LED?

We always recommend LED lamps because they use much less power and last a lot longer than halogen bulbs. Also, halogen has only one luminous colour (colour temperature) and that is warm white. In comparison, LED has a range of different lighting colours – from daylight to extra warm white.

Can I switch to an LED light bulb in my halogen spotlight?

Yes you can – LED bulbs come with all sorts of base sizes and fittings and there’s bound to be one that will fit your lamp.

Are your spotlights fire-rated?

All of our spotlights comply with European norm DIN-EN-60598-1.

A Ceiling Spot Light is a type of lighting fixture that is mounted on the ceiling and has a spotlight design, directing light to a specific area. They are commonly used for accent lighting, task lighting, or to highlight a particular feature in a room.

What type of bulbs are used in ceiling spot lights?

Ceiling spot lights typically require halogen, LED, or xenon bulbs.

How do you install ceiling spot lights?

  1. Turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker box.
  2. Locate the joists in the ceiling.
  3. Cut a hole in the ceiling drywall where you want the ceiling spot light to go.
  4. Insert a mounting bracket into the hole and attach to the joist.
  5. Connect the wiring from the ceiling spot light to the wiring in the ceiling.
  6. Secure the ceiling spot light to the mounting bracket.
  7. Turn the electricity back on at the circuit breaker box.
  8. Test the ceiling spot light by turning it on.

How much power do ceiling spot lights use?

The wattage of ceiling spot lights can vary depending on the type of lights you are using. Standard halogen spot lights typically use 50 to 75 watts of power, while LED spot lights usually use between 5 and 15 watts of power.

Where should ceiling spot lights be placed?

Ceiling spot lights should be placed where they will provide the most light and also match the design of the room. Common locations for installing ceiling spot lights include above kitchen counters, in living rooms, over dining tables, and in hallways. It is important to consider how the spot lights will look in the room before installing them.

Are ceiling spot lights dimmable?

Yes, most ceiling spot lights are dimmable, depending on the type of bulb used.

What are the advantages of ceiling spot lights?

Energy Efficiency: Ceiling spotlights are highly energy efficient, as they use low wattage lighting to create a bright, focused area of light.

Versatility: Ceiling spotlights can be used for a variety of tasks, from providing general ambient lighting to focusing on a feature or artwork.

Ambience: Spotlights can create a warm, inviting atmosphere by adding dimmer switches and changing the beam angles.

Easy Installation: Most ceiling spotlights are easy to install, and they don’t require special wiring or complex fixtures.

Design: Ceiling spotlights are available in a range of styles and finishes, so you can tailor the look of the room to your own tastes.

What is the best type of ceiling spot light for a certain room?

The best type of ceiling spot light for a certain room depends on the size and shape of the room, as well as the desired lighting effect. Some popular types of ceiling spotlights include recessed downlights, track lighting, and adjustable spotlights.

Can ceiling spot lights be used outdoors?

No, ceiling spot lights are not designed for use outdoors and should not be used outside.

What type of materials are used in ceiling spot lights?

Ceiling spot lights can be made from a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, plastic, and glass. The type of material used depends on factors such as the intended location, the style and design of the light, and cost. Some ceiling spot lights may also use a combination of materials such as a metal frame with a glass or plastic shade.

What are the different types of ceiling spot lights available?

There are several types of ceiling spot lights available, including:

  1. Recessed lights: These lights are mounted in the ceiling and have a low profile, making them ideal for areas with limited space.
  2. Track lights: These lights are mounted on a track, which allows them to be adjusted to direct light where it’s needed.
  3. Pendant lights: These lights hang down from the ceiling and are often used to provide task lighting or accent lighting.
  4. LED lights: These lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different needs.
  5. Spotlights: These lights are designed to focus light in a specific direction and are often used to highlight artwork or other features.
  6. Adjustable lights: These lights can be adjusted to direct light where it’s needed, making them ideal for tasks such as reading or cooking.
  7. Flush mount lights: These lights are mounted close to the ceiling and provide general lighting for a room.
  8. Downlights: These lights are mounted in the ceiling and direct light downward, making them ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where task lighting is needed.

Buy Ceiling LED Spotlights Online in China

Lighting is an essential part of any house. Adequate and tasteful lighting adds to the aesthetics of a place significantly. Amongst all the lighting arrangements in a house, LED spotlights occupy a very small yet special place. Rodec Light’s spotlights for the home promise to deliver superior performance with a minimal and pleasing design which helps you get the best possible lighting for you home!

The amount of downlights required depends on the size of the room and your own personal preference. To start, measure your room and think about which areas you want to illuminate and how much light you need. As a general guide, downlights should be placed around 0.8m-1m away from the wall and around 1.5-2m apart, but this can vary depending on the type of light and the room.
Whether you’re looking for fixed spots or need an adjustable light to brighten different areas, we’ve got spots in a range of colours – as well as the standard white – to brighten all types of decor, from contemporary and retro to vintage and industrial.
Not only are LED spotlights more energy-efficient, lasting much longer than halogen bulbs, but they also give out a more comfortable light and can save homeowners up to 60% in energy and costs.
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