10 Easy Steps to Install Track Lighting Perfectly

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Are you looking for a modern and efficient way to light up your space? Installing track lighting can be an excellent choice. Track lighting is flexible, adaptable, and easy to install. At Rodec Lighting, we specialize in LED lighting solutions, including track lighting. In this post, we’ll provide you with ten easy steps to install track lighting perfectly.

Step 1: Choose the Right Type of Fixture

Before purchasing any fixtures or accessories, make sure you choose the right type of fixture that meets your needs. You can get different kinds such as linear tracks or monorail systems depending on your preference.

Step 2: Determine the Location

Decide on the location where you want to mount your track lights. Take measurements and mark locations for each section of the track so that it’s level and centered correctly.

Step 3: Turn Off Power Supply

Always ensure that there’s no electricity flowing through before starting installation tasks. Double-check by turning off electricity from the circuit breaker box.

Step 4: Connect Junction Box

Using screws or nails that come with junction boxes, fasten it onto either ceiling joists or drywall anchor points while being mindful of its weight capacity capabilities.

Step 5: Attach Mounting Brackets

After screwing mounting brackets into place against walls using appropriate hardware like toggle bolts if attaching them atop concrete walls; attach these brackets into holes located at specific intervals along one side (usually every sixteen inches), which will hold all other components securely in place later down the line without compromising structural integrity whatsoever!

Step 6: Run Wiring Through Tracks

Wire lengths’ should be measured accurately from their source through conduit pipes carrying live electricity wire feeds going directly into live wires coming out ahead until they reach terminations within both ends near power switches panel’s transformers supplying those circuits altogether.

Step 7: Fix Track to the Mounting Brackets

After wiring, all electrical circuits round up; you can then place tracks onto brackets; ensure they’re aligned and leveled adequately before tightening screws to their respective fasteners.

Step 8: Install Lighting Heads and Accessories

Once the track is securely mounted, it’s time to install the lighting heads. You have different styles with clips or screw-on attachments making them very easy to attach. Rotate your fixture until it locks in place on its power feed end cap.

Step 9: Connect Wires to Lighting Heads

You’ll need to connect wires from your light fixtures into either endpoint terminations coming from one side of each track section at any junctions where other conduits branch off towards switch boxes as required for proper control over them later down the line.

Step 10: Test Your New Track Lights

Turn on electricity from breaker switches after connecting these wires completely into lighting fixtures located along tracks according to manufacturer’s manual instructions provided when buying those devices initially purchased altogether. Observe how everything works correctly without any faults then continue testing by using dimmer controls providing adjustable ambience appropriate making your space a perfect spot that meets both aesthetic values while still being highly functional!


With these ten simple steps, installing track lighting perfectly should be a breeze! At Rodec Lighting, we offer high-quality LED track lights that are energy-efficient and visually appealing. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information about our products!


What tools and materials do I need to install track lighting?
Answer: To install track lighting perfectly, you will need a voltage tester, wire cutters, pliers, screws and anchors (if ceiling mounting), a screwdriver or drill (depending on the installation surface), wire nuts, and of course the track light kit itself.

Can I install track lighting myself or should I hire an electrician?
Answer: If you have basic electrical skills and feel confident working with wiring and circuitry, then installing track lighting yourself can be straightforward. However, if you don’t have experience working with electricity or aren’t sure about the process involved in installing lights safely, it may be best to hire an electrician.

How many lights should I include on my track lighting system?
Answer: The number of lights will depend on your personal preference and how much light you need in your space. A general rule of thumb is to use one 50W bulb per linear foot of the track length for ambient/general lighting needs. For task-focused installations like over kitchen counters or artwork galleries go 75-100W per linear foot instead.