Fire Rated Downlight

Modern fire-rated LED light downlights are equipped with expansion pads that expand when a certain temperature is reached and stop the fire from spreading. Fire-rated dimmable ceiling light spots are highly recommended, IP65 fire-rated COB LED ceiling spot light with 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes fire certification, give you more time to escape the fire and help slow the spread of fire on the floor.

The all-in-one LED fire-rated downlight is IP65 rated. This means they are dust and water resistant and suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, mall projects, and different types of projects.

The fireproof downlight interchangeable frame can be made into white, black, black nickel, etc. As a professional led ceiling spot light manufacturer, HappyLEDLight can provide OEM colors to meet your different needs. In addition, IP65 fireproof COB LED downlight can also be made into Tuya WiFi control to make your home smarter.

Fire rated downlights are designed to minimize the spread of fire between floors. Creating a hole in a ceiling for a downlight allows fire to spread quicker. A fire rated downlight has a special strip attaching to it which expands in very high temperatures, creating a seal and preventing the fire from spreading for up to 90 minutes. For your safety, we recommend using fire rated down-lights for all rooms with living spaces above.

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Fire rated downlights are a critical component of commercial building safety, designed to maintain the fire resistance of ceilings and prevent the spread of flames and smoke between floors. When selecting and installing these specialized recessed lights, it's essential to understand the key factors that ensure code compliance, optimal performance, and occupant protection.

What Are Fire Rated Downlights?

Fire rated downlights are recessed light fixtures engineered with protective intumescent materials that expand when exposed to high heat. This swelling action seals off the holes cut for the lights, preserving the integrity of the fire-rated ceiling assembly. In contrast, standard recessed downlights leave gaps that can allow fire and smoke to penetrate the ceiling membrane and spread to other building areas.

Building codes mandate the use of listed fire rated downlights in fire-resistance-rated ceiling membranes, which are typically required in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. The downlight rating must match or exceed the fire rating of the ceiling, with options for 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes of protection.

Choosing Fire Rated Downlights for Your Project

To select the appropriate fire rated downlight for a commercial application, consider the following factors:

  1. Fire Rating: Ensure the downlight has been tested and certified to provide the necessary fire rating for the ceiling assembly. Ratings are given in minutes (30, 60, 90, 120) and indicate how long the fixture will prevent fire spread. Local building codes dictate the required rating based on building type and occupancy.
  2. Ceiling Type: Fire rated downlights are tested for specific ceiling materials (gypsum, concrete, wood, etc.) and thicknesses. Verify that the downlight is listed for use in the particular ceiling construction of your project.
  3. Installation Type: Choose a fire rated downlight housing designed for your ceiling framing and installation scenario - new construction, remodel, or retrofit. IC (insulation contact) rated housings are required if insulation will be in direct contact with the fixture.
  4. Lamp Type: Fire rated downlights are available with a range of lamp types, including LED, fluorescent, and halogen. LED models offer superior energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance, making them the preferred choice for most commercial projects.
  5. Trim Style: The visible trim of the downlight can be selected to achieve the desired aesthetic and lighting effect. Options include lensed, open reflector, adjustable gimbal, pinhole, and decorative styles in various finishes. Lens and reflector type impact beam spread and light output.

Consulting with a knowledgeable lighting professional is recommended to evaluate the specific needs of your commercial space and select a fire rated downlight that delivers on all performance and design criteria. Manufacturers offer a wide range of options to suit different budgets, energy codes, and lighting goals.

Proper Installation is Paramount

Even the highest quality fire rated downlight will not perform as intended if installed incorrectly. For the fixture to function as an effective firestop, it must be installed tightly against the ceiling surface with no gaps around the edges. Improper seals or spaces around the luminaire will compromise its ability to restrict the passage of fire and smoke.

Always have fire rated downlights installed by a licensed electrician with experience in fire rated lighting. They will follow the manufacturer's instructions precisely and ensure the installation meets all relevant building codes. Incorrect installation not only jeopardizes occupant safety but may also void the product warranty.

Trust Rodec Light for Commercial Fire Rated Downlighting

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Our expert team is here to help you select the optimal fire rated downlighting solution for your commercial space. We'll factor in your ceiling construction, desired aesthetic, energy requirements, and budget to recommend a package that checks every box. And with our large inventory and fast shipping, you'll have your downlights delivered to the jobsite right on schedule.

Don't compromise on safety - choose Rodec Light for fire rated downlights that deliver reliable, code-compliant protection for your commercial building. Browse our selection online now or contact us to discuss your project needs with a lighting specialist.

What is a fire rated downlight?

A fire rated downlight is a recessed light fixture designed to maintain the fire resistance rating of a ceiling. It features an intumescent material that expands when exposed to high heat, sealing off the hole and preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other building areas.

Where are fire rated downlights required?

Fire rated downlights are required by building codes in ceilings that serve as fire barriers, typically between floors in multi-story buildings. They should be used in any ceiling that has a fire resistance rating, especially when there are occupants above the ceiling.

How do fire rated downlights work?

Fire rated downlights contain an intumescent material that swells and seals the fixture housing to the ceiling when exposed to high temperatures. This action closes off the hole cut for the light, preserving the integrity of the fire-rated ceiling assembly and slowing the spread of fire.

Can you put insulation over fire rated downlights?

Most fire rated downlights cannot have insulation placed directly over them as it may cause overheating and pose a fire risk. However, some specialized fire rated downlights are designed and tested to be safely covered with insulation. Always check the manufacturer's specifications.

What are the different fire ratings for downlights?

Fire rated downlights are tested and certified for different time ratings, typically 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. These ratings indicate how long the downlight will prevent the passage of fire and maintain the fire resistance of the ceiling assembly. The required rating depends on the building type and local codes.

How do you choose the right fire rated downlight?

When selecting a fire rated downlight, consider the required fire rating for your application, the ceiling material and thickness, the type of lamp (LED, incandescent, etc.), and the trim style. Look for downlights that are tested and certified by recognized laboratories to meet fire performance standards.