Fire Rated Downlight

Modern fire-rated LED light downlights are equipped with expansion pads that expand when a certain temperature is reached and stop the fire from spreading. Fire-rated dimmable ceiling light spots are highly recommended, IP65 fire-rated COB LED ceiling spot light with 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes fire certification, give you more time to escape the fire and help slow the spread of fire on the floor.

The all-in-one LED fire-rated downlight is IP65 rated. This means they are dust and water resistant and suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, hotels, mall projects, and different types of projects.

The fireproof downlight interchangeable frame can be made into white, black, black nickel, etc. As a professional led ceiling spot light manufacturer, HappyLEDLight can provide OEM colors to meet your different needs. In addition, IP65 fireproof COB LED downlight can also be made into Tuya WiFi control to make your home smarter.

Fire rated downlights are designed to minimize the spread of fire between floors. Creating a hole in a ceiling for a downlight allows fire to spread quicker. A fire rated downlight has a special strip attaching to it which expands in very high temperatures, creating a seal and preventing the fire from spreading for up to 90 minutes. For your safety, we recommend using fire rated down-lights for all rooms with living spaces above.

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